We are a sporting goods brand who specialize in basketball products and offer an extensive range of protection gear. At RIGORER we believe in quality, our products are carefully and purposefully designed with performance and quality as a priority so that we that we may provide what our athletes truly need. 

Our Mission

RIGORER aims to provide high quality and useful products at a reasonable price so that every one of our athletes can get what they need to bring their game to the next level. We pride ourselves in providing essential and high quality gear and apparel at affordable prices. Here at RIGORER our athletes' comfort and performance are our number one priority.

Our Motto

RIGORER'S brand motto is "For basketball players by basketball players", as fellow lovers of the game we understand what our community really needs and with that knowledge we can effectively craft the perfect range of gear that fits every basketball player's needs and believe that we can take their game to even greater heights.

Watch this video to understand more about the brand: