What To Look For When Buying Sportswear & Where To Shop Online In Singapore

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Ever since online shopping exploded in growth and reach — with a little help from the COVID-19 pandemic — we have been absolutely spoilt for choice regardless of what we’re looking for. Often, we find ourselves spending more time on online shopping apps than we should, simply because we are going through the endless options made available to us. 

Indeed, this is also the case when shopping for sportswear and sports equipment, and given our busy schedules, it’s not ideal to be struck with decision fatigue when presented with so many choices. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the essential things to look for when buying sportswear, and where you can find quality products online in Singapore.

1. Moisture control

Moisture control is probably a top priority when looking for the right sportswear, given Singapore’s hot and humid environment. In fact, studies have also linked humidity to an increased risk of getting heat exhaustion, as sweat isn’t able to evaporate as quickly and easily, making it difficult for your body to cool off. Once your body temperature exceeds a certain threshold, heat exhaustion occurs. 

If you’ve served National Service in a combat role, or are actively participating in rigorous activities, you may have witnessed instances of this first-hand to know that it is very real. 

Fortunately, we are able to take steps to significantly reduce the risk of heat exhaustion by looking for sportswear with moisture-wicking material, such as polyester, to keep your skin as dry as possible throughout your workout. 

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2. Elasticity

Many of us have experienced the first-hand annoyance that comes with donning workout attire that is baggy and clunky, often weighing us down or getting in the way of our exercises, sometimes disrupting momentum altogether. On the surface, it seems like an aesthetics-related problem, but workouts are just as much psychological as it is physical, and it’s important to maintain an ideal state of mind whilst exercising. 

To keep yourself as comfortable as possible and your workout unobstructed, shop for sportswear that is made from stretchy and elastic materials, such as spandex, as they fit your body snugly and enable you to move more freely. After all, workouts are already tedious enough; there’s no need for unnecessary discomfort.

3. Smoothness of material

The last thing you need during a workout is to be punished for trying to stay healthy by receiving an untimely abrasion or chafing. For anyone who has experienced this, you’ll know that they are not pleasant. 

Abrasion or chafing are usually caused by different factors, including moisture, rough materials, and friction. It also explains why nylon, spandex, and lycra are popular materials for sportswear, as they are generally smooth, comfortable, and help to minimise the risk of abrasions and chafing. This ultimately allows you more unrestricted movement without worrying about that ominous pre-chafing sensation.

It’s important to have clear expectations in mind and a good understanding of your environment when looking for the ideal sportswear and sports equipment. This will help you make more informed decisions amidst the numerous options you’re faced with whilst shopping online

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