The Correct Way to Put on an Ankle Brace for Sports

The Correct Way to Put on an Ankle Brace for Sports

If you’re someone who regularly participates in activities that impact your ankles, such as running or basketball, then you’ll probably understand the importance of wearing an ankle brace or an ankle guard, as they help support all parts of your ankle, namely the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones, minimising the risk of injury. With such an important role to play in sustaining one of the most fragile parts of the human body, wearing this piece of sports accessories correctly is crucial in maximising its protective properties, especially when you’re engaging in sports. If you’re unfamiliar with putting on an ankle brace, or are unsure if it’s working the way it should, here’s an easy guide on the correct way to wear one. 

Choose the Right Ankle Brace

Ankle brace in Singapore  Protect your foot

There are three common types of ankle brace in Singapore — soft, semi-rigid, and rigid. Your ankle condition and the amount of compression or restriction you need are some of the determining factors that will help you decide which ankle brace suits you best. For instance, an elastic sleeve is adequate enough for mild swelling and minor sprains, while semi-rigid or rigid braces are more suited for moderate cases in which you should keep your ankles from rolling and stabilise your ankle joint. Knowing the right type of ankle brace to get in Singapore will give you the appropriate protection and stiffness to aid your recovery or protect your ankle from further damage.

Consider if You Need to Wear a Sock

Sock protection Sports accessories in Singapore

Some ankle guards are more effective when you wear socks over them, as this improves compression and heat retention, while other ankle braces work better with socks under them instead. However, this is ultimately optional, as ankle braces are typically made from breathable materials to prevent skin irritation and facilitate ventilation. While they normally would not cause much discomfort or excessive sweating, you may still choose to wear a sock for extra protection or comfort. 

Learn How to Put Your Ankle Brace on

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While soft ankle braces are elastic and easy to wear, semi-rigid and rigid ankle braces can be a little more tedious, as they come with a combination of Velcro straps and laces. Much like wearing a shoe, unfasten all Velcro straps and loosen the adjustable laces until you’re able to comfortably fit your foot into the ankle brace. Then, slide your foot into the boot part of your ankle brace whilst ensuring that the brace’s tongue is on top of your foot, between your skin and the laces.

Lace up Your Brace Correctly

Put on Sports accessories in Singapore

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To lace up your ankle brace without aggravating your ankle, keep it at a 90-degree angle before threading and tightening your laces. When fastening your Velcro straps, ensure that you take the inside strap and bring it across your foot and under the heel before securing it to the opposite side of your ankle. Do the same with the outside strap, and check if the straps are sufficiently tight, but not too tight that they suffocate your foot. Lastly, secure the middle strap over the other two straps, as well as your laces.

Put on Your Shoes

Shoe worn over ankle brace

Lastly, once your ankle guard is snug enough and securely fastened, carefully slide your foot inside the shoe. Avoid loosening the ankle brace whilst doing so, and use a shoehorn if needed. If you’re an elderly patient, or if your mobility is limited, consider asking someone else to put on your ankle brace for you instead. 

While the steps to wearing your ankle brace correctly seem simplistic enough, the little details can be the difference between effective and ineffective ankle protection. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable ankle brace or ankle guard in Singapore, check out Rigorer’s online shop, where you will also find a wide range of sports accessories for all your sporting needs.


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