Singapore Horror Stories (Halloween Special)

Singapore Horror Stories

Halloween is almost here, what better way to get into the Halloween mood than some local ghost stories. It's safe to say everyone loves to hear a good ghost story, so we went around asking some of our staff for their scariest paranormal encounters. 

Turn off the lights & get comfortable! Here are a some REAL ENCOUNTERS (courtesy of our staff) that will keep you up at night!


Music To My Ears 

This happened to me during my national service days in Pulau Tekong. For our non-singaporean readers, Pulau Tekong is an island off the shores of Singapore where every newly enlisted recruit will spend 3 months to get accustomed to the army. 

Tekong is separated into 4 Schools, my encounter happened in School 4 which is the oldest and supposedly most "haunted school". 

It was around 2am, my buddy & I were on guard duty & were doing our rounds around the compound. It was very quiet & humid night, we didn't speak much as we were too busy feeling sleepy.

As we approached a lift lobby, my buddy noticed a Chinese altar that seemed out of place. He asked me "bro, why suddenly got one altar here?" I wasn't a very superstitious guy but I knew well enough not to disrespect these things, I just replied "don't talk about it, just keep walking".

As we passed by the altar, the silence was broken by a sudden static noise given out by our walkie talkie. My buddy & I were startled by the noise and came to a halt. I don't know about him but hairs on my arm were standing.

Suddenly, the walkie starting playing a song, I had no idea what song it was playing but it was definitely chinese and sounded old.

My buddy and I were gripped with fear, I knew we wanted to run but neither dared to take the first step. Thankfully, a voice came through the walkie "Who playing with the comms, think very funny isit?" It was our Sergeant in charge checking in on the walkie..

We insisted that we were not the ones singing through the comms and were definitely not so foolish to play such a prank late at night. After a moment of silence our sergeant calmly said "okay, just finish up your rounds quickly and come back"..

When we got back my buddy & I did not speak of the incident and just tried to get some sleep. The next morning, our sergeant asked "were you guys by the lift lobby with the altar when the comms played music?" At that moment, we knew that there was something wrong with that lift lobby & this wasn't the first time.

That was my first & hopefully last ghostly encounter, it's been 4 years & I still get chills thinking about that night.

(Story submitted by: Jun Yong)




Beeps In The Office

It was a random weekend night in our warehouse, we were working late doing fulfilment tasks to ensure our orders were ready to go out on time..

I remembered it was the Lunar 7th Month. Usually when we stay late, as a way to save on electricity, the lights and air-con were usually off as our offices and warehouse are not connected. 

It was our 3rd night working late and we would always hear a peculiar beeping coming from the offices at 3.34AM exactly, for the first two nights we simply brushed it off as a timer.

That, my colleague, Joseph could not stand it and asked "who's timer never off again, 3 days already" Joseph, decided to sate his curiosity and head into the offices to check out the noise but because it was dark and it was the 7th month, he decided to ask me to go with him..

We followed the sound and realised the beeps were coming from a thermometer in the stationery drawer. There was no temperature reading but it was ringing endlessly. We quickly turned it off and went back to work..

The next night, there it was again, the beeping from the thermometer at 3.34AM exactly. At that point we knew that it was something wrong and should just leave it alone just to be safe...

Today, our staff not allowed to stay alone after midnight during the Lunar 7th Month and the lights are to remain on as long we're working late..


 (Story submitted by: Jun Ming)




The Falling Rack

This happened at the previous Rigorer Office at Eunos. A little about our previous office, most of the other tenants would head home at around 7-8pm so it was usually really quiet at night. I was working late one night (about 2.30am), I was finishing up a report. 

Suddenly, I heard a loud crash and I literally jumped out of my seat! It came from the warehouse, for some context our warehouse was separate from our office (right opposite).

At first I thought it was my colleague doing some late night warehousing (which he often did), but I was quite sure he left at around 12am.

I decided to check it out in case anything in the warehouse was damaged. When I went into the warehouse, I realised one of the metal racks had fallen over, this was weird because the rack was relatively heavy and stable.

As I put the rack back up, I was thinking it didn't make sense that the rack would fall over, did someone deliberately push it over, but then again that person would have to get the key from the office to access the warehouse and I was the only one here.

I tried to shake the thought out of my head because my hair was beginning to stand..

I quickly put everything back in place and prepared to head home. As I was packing up I heard it again, a loud crash coming the warehouse. At that moment I knew it wasn't an accident/coincidence, I could not muster up the courage to head into the warehouse again and left quickly.

On the drive home, I recalled something the previous owner said "Try not to stay too late, abit quiet here at night". It was subtle but maybe he had encountered something similar (understandable as you wouldn't scare your next tenant away)

Just thinking about his words would give me goosebumps. After that night, I usually just take any unfinished work home or made sure someone else was there if I was staying late..


(Story submitted by: Calvin) 




Breathing at Bedok Reservoir

I was at Bedok Reservoir for my usual night run, it was later than usual as I was working late that night. (About 11.30ish)

It was a really quiet night as the reservoir was understandably empty. I just hit the 2km mark when I heard something unusual. It sounded a lot like heavy panting, and it was coming from behind me..

I was feeling a little scared but I tried not to think about it, maybe it was another runner I didn't notice. But something was off, I could hear the heavy breathing, what I couldn't hear was footsteps..

I was beginning to panic, the panting seemed to be getting clearer & louder, almost as if it was coming closer. I wanted to turn my head and look but I was afraid of what I would see..

As the breathing got louder my heart starting pounding faster, I plucked up the courage to come to a stop by the side of the track..

As soon as I stopped, the breathing stopped, all that I could hear now is the sound of my own breathing. I looked around and found that the reservoir was still empty..

But something was off, I could still feel the presence behind me..

I was getting chills & didn't know how to react, but whatever it was, I was still unharmed. I quickly made my way home and prayed that whatever it was, it didn't come along..

Now I try not to run too late at night & I never went back to Bedok Reservoir after that night..

(Story submitted by: Danielle)




Guest In the Ward

This story happened about 2 years back, I just got surgery for an achilles tendon injury and had to be hospitalized for 3 days to recover.

I was staying in a B1 ward at CGH which housed 4 patients.

When I just got into my ward, there was only one other patient, an elderly uncle. We had a friendly chat and he told me he was getting discharged today. As he was picked up by his wife I said goodbye and wished him good health.

I never liked hospitals and I never felt comfortable there, just something about them give me bad vibes. So obviously I didn't want to be the only person staying there..

The night was quite uncomfortable and I was having trouble falling asleep, the ward was pretty quiet, the only sounds were from the nurses walking around outside which got less frequent as it got later in the night.

It was about 1AM, I was watching videos on my phone trying to fall asleep. As I was beginning to drift off to sleep, I heard noise coming from the toilet in the ward.

Was there someone using the toilet? It was weird because the only people that would use it were the patients staying here, and I was the only one here..

I was a little stunned because the ward toilet door was always closed and I'm quite sure I would have seen or heard someone going in.

Every few minutes I would hear something that sounded like the lid of the toilet seat being open & closed.

The more time passed the more afraid I was getting. I kept trying to distract myself by watching my video, but I couldn't help but focus on the noises from the toilet.

Thankfully, the noises stopped after 10 minutes. But I had an uncomfortable feeling that it wasn't over..

Soon another noise broke the silence, it was coming from near the toilet door. The noise sounded like scratching on the door, it was soft but I was quite sure that's what it was, as if something in there was trying to get out..

I was really scared, I couldn't believe that something like this was happening. I covered myself with my blanket and kept my video playing trying my best to ignore the noise, I hoped & prayed that that would be the end of it..

Eventually, I dozed off and woke up the morning. When the nurse came in I asked her if any patients complained about noises during the night? She gave me and smile and replied "No lah, don't think too much". Honestly, that didn't sound very convincing..

Thankfully another patient admitted to my ward that afternoon, so nothing much happened the next few nights. 

Whenever I think about that night, I would remember what the nurse said and what I experienced, was it really just my imagination?


 (Story submitted by: Mark)


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