Rigorer's Countdown To Christmas

The month of December is all about being grateful for what you have & giving!

Which is why we wanted to take this chance to give back to YOU guys to thank you for all the support & love you've shown us this year!

Here's a little breakdown of all the giveaways we have for YOU!


F45 Collab Giveaway

F45 is the world's fastest growing functional training community! They incorporate a mix of circuit & HIIT style workouts that are geared towards everyday movement.

They take pride in ensuring every workout is 45 minutes of sweat dripping & heart pumping fun! Take the first step in building a stronger & fitter YOU! Head over to our Instagram page & participate in the giveaway now!



True Chiropractic Group Collab Giveaway

Visiting your chiropractor shouldn't just be something you do when you feel pain! Just like a machine, your body needs to be regularly fine tuned to keep it performing at it's peak.

True Chiropractic Group are a collection of trained professionals who have deep knowledge on the human body & how to keep it in tip top condition. It doesn't matter what age you are or if you've ever been injured, we believe any athlete can benefit tremendously from a regular visit to the chiropractor.

Head over to our Instagram page to win a full consultation & adjustment from the real professionals today!



Grain Collab Giveaway


As athletes we all want to get the best results & performance from our training! Don't let a bad diet affect your results! Grain provides you with healthy & delicious meals to make sure you're getting the fuel that your body needs to perform at it's best!

Grain offers a wide menu of healthy & delicious choices that are sure to cater to even the most unique tastebuds! Kick start your new diet & head over to our Instagram page to join the giveaway now!



Pre Release "Air Sac 1.0" Basketball Shoes Giveaway

On our end, we're giving you a chance to get your hands on our upcoming "Air Sac 1.0" Basketball Shoes along with our Giveaway Exclusive "Santa Handles" T-Shirt!

Will you be one of the 8 lucky winners to receive a pair of shoes AND the t-shirt in the colour of their choice? Head over to our Instagram page to participate in the giveaway now!


Be sure to head over to our Instagram Page: @rigorer.sg to participate in ALL the giveaways! We would like you wish each & every one of you Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ahead!


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