Remaining Active Regardless of Age

You probably know that it is recommended for us to get in some form of exercise at least once a day, but many people have the misconception that only young people should be active and many people use age as an excuse to get out of exercising. Well, we're here to let you know why exercise gets MORE important as you get older.

First, let's briefly touch on the importance of incorporating exercise into your daily routine and what are the biggest benefits it provides.


1. Healthy body

The first & most obvious benefit of exercise is that it keeps your body healthy and allows it to function better. Regular exercise boosts blood circulation and ensures the nutrients in your blood reach your organs more effectively thus improving their function.

Not to mention it keeps you from becoming overweight and makes you look & feel great!


2. Strong Mind

Regular exercise not only boosts your physical health, but it also has a large positive impact on your mental health. Getting exercise everyday is proven to improve your memory and provides a sharper mind which is a huge boon at work or school.

Some added benefits are more energy to help with efficiency as well as better self esteem. These mental benefits alone make regular exercise indispensable! 



 Age & Exercise

If you're wondering how the misconception of "the older you get, the less exercise you need" came about? As we age our body gets less resistant and more prone to injury, so most people use this as a reason to not exercise.

The correct solution would be to tone down the intensity of your activity instead of cutting it out completely. In actual fact the older we get, the more our body needs the exercise.


1.Boosts immune system

Here's why old age should be a driving force rather than an excuse. As we get older our immune system gets weaker and it is easier to fall ill, what regular exercise does for your body is improve your immune system.

Just this reason alone should justify why you should remain active daily as you get older, to compensate for a weaker immune system and remain healthy for as long as possible.


2. Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease

One of the greatest fears as we get older is the increased risks of heart disease & stroke. It is an inevitable fact that the older we get the more prone we are to heart disease, strokes & other major illnesses. 

Regular exercise will help reduce the chances of such illnesses. So you can start to see why exercise gets increasingly important the more we age. 


3. Improved Mental State


As we get older our mind starts to slow down & our memory begins to deteriorate. You are probably very familiar with this one, we've all had older family members that start to forget things more often or seem to just space out at random times.

Exercising regularly improves your mental sharpness & memory, so if we remain active as we get older, you can slow down the rate of mental deterioration and it will help you remain mentally sharp & satisfied for as long as possible. 



Hopefully after reading this you can begin to see the increased benefits regular exercise can provide you as you get older. If you want to remain physically & mentally fit as you age, daily exercise SHOULD be a priority!