How To Get Back In Shape


Getting back in shape may seem like a daunting task, especially after long periods of inactivity or injury. But what confuses most people is the pace and intensity of the exercises they perform, the main thing to keep in mind is to advance at a gradual pace so as to not overexert your muscles. 

This article will provide some insight and some key points to note when slowly easing your body back into shape to get ready for upcoming competitions or just to build basic all around fitness.


Recovering from an injury

Getting back into shape after an injury is very much different from coming back after long periods of inactivity. Although there are some similarities, the main difference will be paying careful attention to the injured area and focusing on strengthening that area.

Here are some points that we feel are important to consider when trying to come back from an injury.


Get in a good place mentally

How to Get Back in Shape: The Back to Gym Workout ...

Mental Strength is often overlooked when compared to physical strength. But one would argue that mental strength is just as important when trying to come back from an injury.

Being in the right state of mind allows you to remain positive and be more focused to plan out how you are going to come back stronger. Having clear goals and careful planning will yield more positive results when trying to come back from an injury.


Focus on strengthening the injured area

How to Get Back in Shape: The Back to Gym Workout ...

If you are recovering from an injury, chances are the injured area will be weaker than the rest of your body. With this in mind, focusing on improving you full body fitness without paying special attention to your injured area will result in that area lacking behind your entire body and could even run the risk of a re-injury occuring. 

Dedicate some strength and conditioning exercises that target the injured area in order to regain the strength lost when the injury occurred. When you feel that the injured area has caught up with the rest of your body move on to exercises that incorporate more muscle groups to start improving overall fitness.


Protection is key

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The worse thing that could happen to you when trying to come back from an injury is well getting injured again. Because the injured area is weaker and more vulnerable than other parts of your body, you should consider wearing some from of protective gear when performing exercises that place stress on that area.

An example of this would be wearing an ankle guard when trying to recover from an ankle injury. It provides much needed support and protection for the injured ankle minimizing the risk of re-injury while allowing you to exert more stress on the ankle, thus speeding up the strengthening process.



Long periods of not exercising

If you were previously active and fit, you'll be happy to hear that it doesn't take much to get back to form. However, keep in mind that you should still try to start off slow and gradually increase the exercise intensity.

Here are some tips that could hopefully help you regain your fitness levels and can could even potentially help you come back better than before.


Take things slow

Get Back in Shape Quickly: Exercise and Nutrition Plan ...

While you might be tempted to jump right back into the action, it is advisable to take your time in order to gradually ease your body back in shape. By doing this, you not only minimize the risk of getting injured but it also gives your muscles time to recover. Stay patient and you will definitely begin to see progress.


Have a plan and be consistent

5 Ways To Get Back In Shape, According To A Fitness Trainer

Having a well thought out plan eliminates any uncertainty, if you have a clear and precise workout planned beforehand, chances are you will more likely remain consistent and motivated. Like any other aspect of life, having and adhering to a plan is a sure fire way to reach your fitness goals.


Believe that anything is possible

5 Ways To Get Back In Shape, According To A Fitness Trainer

Motivational is what drives us as humans to strive for our goals. Staying postive and motivated are key driving forces that can work wonders when trying to reach your goals.

If you program your mind to think positively, you eliminate any doubts and it brings a clearer purpose, inching you that much closer to your fitness goals.


Whether you are coming back after a long rest or recovering from injury, fitness is and always will be an important aspect to overall health.

Even if you are not a competitive athlete, remaining fit will definitely be beneficial to not only your physical health but will put you in a better place mentally as well.