Benefits Of Wearing Compression Tights


Compression tights are rapidly gaining popularity among athletes of all levels. They offer a wide variety of benefits and can help improve your overall performance in your sport. Today we will be sharing with you the different types of lower body compression tights that are available to you and important points to note, hopefully this can help you make an informed decision on what type to choose.


What are compression tights

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Compression shorts or tights are undergarments usually worn by athletes. They are usually form-fitting and should feel like a second skin when worn. There are various lengths of compression tights, they cover the athlete’s thighs and some span all the way to their ankles.



Benefits of compression tights


There are huge benefits that compression tights can offer you in terms of performance and overall body health. They are definitely a worthy investment for people who enjoy moving about and staying active. Here are some examples of what compression tights can offer.


  • They keep the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain or cramps
  • They help to stabilize the joints when playing sports
  • They wick sweat from the body effectively preventing skin irritation and rashes
  • They relieve stiffness and pain from muscles
  • They help circulate blood flow and improves oxygen flow to your muscles.
  • They can aid in recovery from muscle fatigue


Different types of compression tights

 There are 3 main types of compression types available to you. In this section, we will be breaking down their benefits and differences to help you further narrow down your choices.


Compression Shorts

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Compression shorts are the shortest version available. Their length is similar to a pair of shorts and usually end just above your knees. These shorts offer glute and hamstring compression which makes them ideal for athletes who engage more of their glute and hamstring muscles and less of the calves.


Examples of sports that benefit from compression shorts: Running, Track & Field, Badminton.



¾ Compression Tights

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¾ tights are longer than compression shorts and they usually end just above the athlete’s calf muscles. These tights offer all the benefits that compression shorts offer along with some glute and hamstring support, but they provide additional support for the knee joints. These tights are ideal for sports that require constant movement for extended periods of time.


Examples of sports that benefit from ¾ tights: Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Cycling.



Long compression tights


These tights are the longest in length and usually span from the hips to the athlete’s ankles. They offer compressions for 3 of the major lower body muscles. (Glutes, Hamstrings and Calves) They also provide stability and support for the athlete’s knee joints, these tights are ideal for sports that fully engage the lower body and span for longer periods of time.


Sports that benefit from long compression tights: Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Weight-lifting.

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What to consider when looking for compression tights


There are many different aspects to look at when you are trying to find a suitable pair of compression tights. We have narrowed down a few important aspects to look at to hopefully help you decide which type is best suited for you.


Material: A good pair of compression tights should feel comfortable on the skin and be made with a soft and stretchable material which does not limit movement. It should also ideally be made of sweat-wicking materials to prevent any potential skin irritation or rashes.


Fit: How well a pair of compression tights fit is also an extremely important part of choosing your perfect pair. A good pair of tights should  feel like a second skin and be tight enough for you to fully reap the compression benefits while still retaining full range of motion.


Purpose: What kind of compression tights you require goes hand in hand with the sport you play. Sports like basketball and soccer use the entire lower body so a good pair of long tights are an adequate choice as they offer full lower body compression along with knee support. If you are a runner or cyclist, maybe opt for a pair of compression shorts or 3/4 tights to support your glutes and hamstrings.


Whether or not you choose to invest in a pair of compression tights is entirely up to you, though the number of people who are discovering the benefits of tights are rapidly increasing and they feel that their overall performance and muscle longevity have significantly increased. But remember to take your time and choose a pair of compression tights that are suitable for your sport, because after all comfort and how much they benefit you is what's truly important.