5 Tips to Become a Better Shooter

Shooting is one of the most essential skills to have in basketball, it requires constant practice & work to even see minor improvements. There is a reason why schools & coaches place so much emphasis on shooting the basketball, it is one of the most consistent ways to score and being a good shooter allows for more freedom in other areas of your game.

Now you probably already know the number one way to improve your shooting is practice, but the methods you employ also play a huge role in the speed and consistency of your improvement. Here are 5 tips that you can incorporate into your shooting drills to help you become a more consistent shooter.


1. Start Close To The Rim

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Starting closer to the rim might on the mind of most athletes since it seems like such a trivial shot. But shooting close to the rim actually places a heavy emphasis on form & technique and is a deceptively difficult shot in it's own right. 

Start out close to the rim and slowly progress further out after making a few shots in a row, it will help you get a feel for your shot and make you more confident as you start shooting from further out, making your shootaround that much smoother.

2. Get Your Legs Under It

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Getting your legs under your shot is a good habit to pick up. Using your legs more during your shot will easily generate more power for your shot allowing you to fully focus on your form, greatly improving range and accuracy.

Using your legs more during your shot will also make you a more consistent shooter during a game. As the game progresses and fatigue begins to set in, you will not be able to rely on your arms as heavily, especially if you are a wing player and have to take shots from further out.

Get used to using your legs when shooting the basketball and it will soon become second nature which will ultimately make you a more consistent shooter.

3. Practice In-Game Shots

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While there is merit in taking practice jumpshots, players at higher levels feel that it would be more effective to practice shots that you would actually take in a game. Professional players adopt this method of training as it makes them more comfortable when taking these shots in an actual game because they practice these shots so often.

So it is recommend to practice shooting off the dribble or from the post, any shots that you would shoot during a real game. As you get better your in game shots will become more comfortable & consistent, making you a better player overall.

4. Free Throws

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Schools & coaches love the free throw, and for good reason. Free throws are essentially free points and in some cases can determine the results of a game, it may seem like a simple affair but the truth is many player suffer from inconsistent free throw shooting, even at higher levels.

Free throw shooting is a crucial routine that should be added into your workout, it helps you to work on your shooting form and technique and ensures you're able to cash in on those free points at the line. Incorporate free throw practice into all your workouts, your coaches will love you for it! 

5. Practice Taking Contested Jumpshots


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As long as you practice shooting the basketball often, you should be a relatively consistent shooter when you're open. But to become a great shooter, you have to make shots consistently even under defensive pressure. Having a hand in your face can really throw off the flow of your shot and affect your aim making you miss an otherwise easy shot that would normally have gone in if you were open.

In order to become a good shooter, you need to practice making shots with a defender in the way. The easiest way to practice this is to pair up with a buddy and take turns shooting the ball while the other person tries to block the shot, over time you will adapt to the defensive pressure and start to make more shots even with your defender right in your face.



Shooting is gradually becoming one of the most important skills in basketball, even professional big-men who really do not need to have a jump shot in their arsenal are able to make 3 pointers consistently.

The reason is simple, being able to shoot and score consistently is one of the easiest ways to rack up the points and makes you invaluable to your team & coaches. Start using these tips in your daily workouts and we promise you will become a better shooter!


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