4 Gym Habits You Should Adopt

There are many things that contribute to a great workout, if you're an active gym rat, you've probably cultivated a few habits along the way. We're going to share 4 gym habits that we feel every gym rat should have or at least try to adopt in order to allow them and others around them a fruitful workout.


1. Bring a Towel

Every gym bag should contain a towel for hygiene purposes. When you workout hard, you're going to sweat buckets, and having a towel around means you can wipe that sweat effectively lowering your body temperature to a more comfortable level.

But let's face it, that's not the real reason you should bring a towel. You should always keep in mind that a gym is shared amongst many others and after using a bench, please do remember to wipe off your sweat... After all, no one wants to lie in the sweat of others.



Wear Comfortable Workout Clothes

We've all seen someone that works out in jeans and a T-shirt, you might think it's no big deal but it could actually lead to some negative consequences. Working out in something like jeans in can actually cause you injuries in some case, jeans limit your flexibility and range of motion which in movements like squats or dead lifts are crucial to alleviate tension from your joints, placing to much stress and tension on your joints could cause them to give way and cause an injury which no one wants.

Instead, you should opt for proper workout clothes like gym shorts, compression tights and proper workout shoes to ensure a safe and productive workout.



Return Your Weights After Use

This is one of the most common pet peeves of active gym goers. If you frequent the gym often, you've definitely experienced this. If you're someone who uses the weights and just leaves them lying on the floor after, while you move on to pick up other weights from the racks. here's why you should kick that habit. 

If you leave the weights lying around where you're working out, people might assume that you are still using the weights and will probably just wait around for you to be done even if you're really not using those weights. Even worse, someone might accidentally trip themselves on all the weights you left lying around and get hurt.

Get into the habit of returning all the weights after you're done with them to allow others to use them thus, leaving the gym floor as clutter-free as possible, this allows for a neater and non-hazardous workout environment for you and other gym goers.




Drink Up Often

Every gym goer should get into a habit of bring a water bottle along when they head out for the gym, here's why.

 We could go on about all the benefits of good hydration like joint lubrication, regulating your body temperature, helping to transport nutrients and so on. But we'll explain why good hydration leads to a better workout and more rapid results.

Consuming water 2-3 hours before your workouts and continually hydrating during and after will allow steady flow of nutrients to other parts of your body which will then be converted into energy to fuel your workouts. What does this do? It leads to you having more energy during your workouts allowing you to push yourself harder which directly ties in with the rate of which you see results, which why we workout in the first place. 


These are the 4 habits we think that every gym goer should adopt in order to make the gym a cleaner & more enjoyable place.