4 Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Every basketball player dreams of having a high vertical. Why? Because it will help tremendously in all aspects of the game like getting rebounds, blocking shots & of course throwing down in a spectacular dunk! 

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a naturally high vertical, but the good news is you can train your core & lower body in order to increase your vertical jump, so your dream to throw one down doesn't seem so impossible after all!

Today we'll share the 4 best exercises to hopefully help you increase your vertical jump & increase your effectiveness on the court.


1. Barbell Squats


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Often referred to as the king of lower body exercises, the barbell squats hit all the muscles that are responsible for increasing your vertical and then some! Start off with relatively low weights & get the movement right because it is one of the most dangerous exercises to perform with improper form!


How to perform:

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart

2. Place the barbell just above the shoulders on the trap muscles

3. Bend the knees and lower the barbell into a squat (stop when your knees are at 90-degree angles)

4. Keep your back arched & slowly stand back up without locking your knees

5. Repeat the movement (10-14 reps for 1-3 sets)


2. Deadlift

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The deadlift not only strengthens your core & lower body, it also works your lower back & loosens your hip flexors to help you elevate further off the ground! The deadlift also comes with the added benefit of increasing your overall body strength making you much tougher on the court.


How to perform:

1. Put a comfortable weight on both sides of a barbell. (Try to avoid weights you cannot handle)

2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart under the barbell

3. Bend over with a shoulder-width grip on the bar

4. Bend your knees until your shins touch the bar

5. Lift chest up and straighten your lower back

6. Take a deep breath and stand up with the weight. (Do try to keep your back straight to prevent injury)

7. Hold the weight for a second at the top, keep your hips and knees locked

8. Return the weight to the floor slowly while keeping your back straight

9. Repeat the exercise (6-10 reps for 3-4 sets)



3. Box Jumps

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Another fantastic vertical jump exercise, the box jump trains your explosive strength which will allow you to jump higher & become faster on the court, an all around great exercise for guards & forwards.

Keep in mind that while box jumps are one of the most effective exercises to increase vertical jump, they should not be done everyday as a conditioning exercise as they place tremendous stress on your lower body, they should ideally be performed no more than twice a week!


How to perform:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, at a comfortable distance from the box

2. Bend your knees and push your hips back while swinging your arms behind you

3. Push your feet off the floor explosively to propel yourself onto the box

4. Even out the impact into your glutes and hamstrings & land in a partial squat (Try to keep your back straight & your chest out)

5. Instead, stand up tall and step down one foot at a time. (Do not jump down!)

6. Repeat the movement (Set a timer for 30-90 seconds for 2-3 sets)


4. Jump Squats

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The jump squat is an extremely simple exercise that strengthen all the muscles required to jump higher. The jump squat improves both explosiveness & jumping ability which are absolutely paramount on the court.

So, if you want to move faster & jump higher, you'll want to add this to your workout routines.


How to perform:

1. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart

2. Hinge at the hips to push your butt back and lower down until your thighs are parallel to the floor

3. Push off your feet to explode off the floor and jump as high as you can

4. Allow your knees to bend 45 degrees when you land and immediately drop back down into a squat

5. Repeat the movement (12-20 reps for 3-5 sets)




These are the 4 best exercises you can add into your next workout to help increase your vertical jump & hopefully increase your performance on the basketball court!

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