Sports Tape: What Is It & Why Should You Use It?

Remember that one time you were out on a jog and spotted someone looking like a proper athlete with high-end exercise gear and sports tape crisscrossing various parts of their limbs? For those of us who engage in casual exercises, there is a common misconception that sports tape is only used by serious fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes. 

However, it actually does have a variety of physical health benefits and one does not need to be a Team Singapore hopeful to find sports tape relevant and effective. In this article, we find out what a sports tape is and how it can help folks from all walks of life.

What is a sports tape?

muscle support sports tape singapore

Sports tape, also known as kinesiology tape, is widely used to provide support to the body whilst allowing blood and other bodily fluids to move freely through and around the supported area. 

When strapped around an injured muscle, the sports tape stabilises it by adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues. It is for this reason that many athletes can be seen with sports tape on them. 

Generally speaking, sports tape is one of the more affordable sports equipment available in Singapore, and it has proven itself effective in alleviating muscular injuries and facilitating recovery.

Benefits of sports tape

reliever sports tape singapore

Right off the bat, the most evident benefit of using sports tape is that it helps decrease the pain caused by an injury. Just like how we are usually instructed to apply pressure on an injured area, sports tape works in a similar way, using its tightness — as determined by the user — to relieve pain.

Reduces risk of injury

Naturally, the tightness of the tape also helps support muscle which in turn minimises the risk of incurring a muscular injury by keeping it compact during strenuous activities.

Aids in recuperation

If you’re currently nursing an injury, wrapping sports tape around the affected area increases circulation while decreasing inflammation, an important factor in recuperation. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be an injury; if you’re someone who sits or stands for long hours due to the nature of your work, then you may be aware that good circulation is pivotal in keeping your body well-oxygenated. 

Improves posture

Sports tape isn’t just limited to sports-related usages; it can also improve one’s posture by holding your back in a proper position. Most of us are often guilty of slouching or taking up bad posture at some point, so think of sports tape as a kind of back brace that ensures you’re sitting correctly at all times.

Who should use sports tape?

back muscle sports tape singapore

Clearly, sports tape isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to just athletes. Our bodies are susceptible to different forms of injuries even through everyday activities. 

If you’re someone whose profession revolves around hard physical labour and repetitive movement, having sports tape on you can help minimise the risk of picking up an injury that could potentially limit your work, and ultimately, your income. For instance, in today’s pandemic-led climate, more people are turning to delivery work, which often involves heavy lifting throughout the day. Therefore, staying in good physical condition would likely be your priority.

Closer to home, homemakers may also find sports tape useful, as they dutifully perform various chores on a daily basis. If your mother starts complaining about sore knees and back, perhaps this nifty piece of sports equipment could make her life easier. 

Sometimes, your work doesn’t even have to be physical for you to pick up some kind of unfortunate injury. You could be a regular salaryman who has subconsciously hurt your back from bad posture, or you could be experiencing pain in your joints from improperly lifting a heavy delivery box that one time. These injuries, while uncommon, can happen out of nowhere and cause much discomfort and inconvenience, as if there isn’t already enough stress to deal with.

Take control of your injuries

The simple fact is that physical pain comes in all shapes and sizes and nobody is immune from it. What we can control is how our injuries are managed. We are blessed in this age to have modern technology come up with accessible sports equipment to improve our quality of life, and the simple but effective sports tape is certainly one of them — light, inexpensive, and surprisingly effective. 
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