Showing Love To All Coaches

We know coaches motivate & inspire their players. But we were curious what motivates & inspires the coaches. In light of International Coaching Day 2021, we asked some of the coaches we worked with what motivates them and gets them excited about coaching.

Here's what they had to say!


Being a coach enables me to do what I love and teach what I have learned over the years to students. It is extremely rewarding to me when they are improving and realising their potential under my guidance.

Teddy Teo, 23
Volleyball Coach
National volleyball team Captain



I'm proud to be a coach as I know I can make a positive change to my athletes and inculcate good values such as commitment, team work, respect, confidence and leadership skills. As a coach developer, I can help develop coaches that will embrace positive coaching deliveries that will benefit athletes.

Mr Allen Lee
Chairman of Coaching and Development
Basketball Association of Singapore



Photo Credits: Kenneth Chua

Being a coach means that I'm in a position where I can impact young lives while using basketball as an empowering tool. Just the thought of being able to help every student realise their potential motivates me to continue my career as a coach.

Chin Wan Qing
U14 National Girls Head Coach


 I want players to know the joy of competing, overcoming hard training and winning. And I want a lot of people to play beach volleyball.


Massato Itabashi, 42
Beach Volleyball men’s National Team Head Coach


What motivates me as a coach:

Giving back to the sport I love, continuation of passion. Seeing progression in their trainees and not committing the mistakes that I had to go through.

What qualities should a coach strive to possess:

Patience, empathy and he should set tangible realistic goals based on time and space. Coach to trainee strong relationship based on trusting the process and understanding the set backs, overcoming them and coming back stronger, mentally and physically.

Faroz Marzoki
VP MTB of Singapore Cycling Federation, National Commissaire



It's not easy being a coach, often times people are so focused on the athletes, we tend to forget that the coaches are the true backbone of the team. 

Once again we would like to wish all the coaches a Happy International Coach Day 2021 and we hope you take this opportunity to give thanks and tell them how much you guys appreciate their effort!


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