Relaxed Covid-19 Sports Restrictions In 2022


The past two years probably haven't been the best, especially if you're an athlete or sports enthusiast, we've barely been able to play our sports the way they were meant to be played because of all the strict restrictions in place. But the good news is, that's all going to change this year!

If you haven't heard already, the Ministry Of Health is going to ease up on the Covid-19 sports restrictions.

For most of us this is truly exciting news, today we're going to delve into more detail about this news and share what exactly are the new sports measures implemented.

Here's what you need to know...



Up to 30 Fully Vaccinated Players Can Participate At The Same Time

All MOH approved sports venues will allow 30 participants (including referees & umpires) to be on the floor at the same time. This is a huge step up from the 5 player groups that were allowed before.

Now, sports that require a larger number of participants can be played normally and full court matches can also be played.

Be aware however, that the prevailing Covid-19 Measures such as safe distancing will still have to be followed before/after the activity.


No On-Site Testing Required

Traditionally, you would have to take further tests before you're allowed into a sports venue even if you've already taken one before you left the house. But now, with the new measures in place, you don't have to go through another on-site test at the venue to play & will be able to play immediately upon arrival.

Do note, that although no additional testing requirement will be imposed as long as all participants are fully vaccinated, participants are strongly encouraged to self-test before arriving for the sports activity 


These New Measures Will Only Apply To MOH Approved Venues

Not every sports venue will follow these new rules though. The new relaxed restrictions will only apply to MOH approved venues for now, probably because it's quite a huge change and they would like to test out these new restrictions before implementing them on a larger scale.

We'll be making a list of all the available venues once more information has been released. What we know so far is that ALL ActiveSG Venues will follow these new sports restrictions!

Head over to the ActiveSG Site to see a list of the venues:


What This Means For Competitive Play

With these relaxed restrictions, things are looking up for competitive play. Competitive sport has been steadily returning, but with these new relaxed measures, we predict that they will start coming back at an even faster pace now.

So it's time to take your training more seriously as things go back to normal, time to get back to competitive form! 

Need help gearing up for your upcoming competition? Click HERE , we've got you covered!



This is a big step to things finally going back to normal, be sure to play responsibly & hopefully the situation will continue to get better. Stay safe, play hard!




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