How Finger Sleeves Improve Your Game

Finger sleeves are an often overlooked form of sports protection. But most people don't realize that finger sleeves provide much need protection for their fingers and can even help them perform better in their sport. Today we will be covering the benefits and advantages finger sleeves provide and hopefully you will better understand how they help in your sport.

Why are fingers sleeves helpful?

Finger sleeves really shine in sports that heavily involve the use of your hands like basketball, volleyball and tchoukball. Athletes of these sports are often seen using finger sleeves and most agree that they can feel the difference between using one as opposed to not using one.

Benefits of wearing finger sleeves 

Finger sleeves provide a multitude of benefits and advantages, like reducing the chances of a finger sprain/finger jam when it comes in direct contact with a fast moving ball. In this section we go in depth on the advantages of using finger sleeves in sports.

  • Protecting your finger joints - As it's name suggests the main purpose of  a finger sleeve is to protect your fingers. Finger sleeves work similar to any sports protection gear, they come in a variety of protection levels ranging from basic protection to maximum protection. Most athletes opt for something in between because it provides a good amount of protection while still allowing their finger joints some mobility.
  • Boosts performance in your sport. Finger sleeves provide a better feel and control of the ball, this is especially prominent in sports like basketball or tchoukball because it not only helps you receive the ball better it provides more grip on the ball which will allow your shots and passes to be more accurate, effectively boosting your overall competency on the court.
  • Allows optimal recovery. Finger sleeves can also help in recovery, when you are recovering from a finger injury you can opt for a finger sleeve with higher support level to help hold your finger in the optimal recovery position allowing your ligaments to properly heal.
  • It is cheaper in the long run. Sports tapes are commonly used by athletes to protect their fingers during games, but tapes are non reusable and new tape must be used every time. This can become very expensive in the long run as tapes do not come cheap and if you play your sport very often, the cost of buying these tapes can quickly pile up. Finger sleeves provide similar benefits and are reusable, this will help you save a good sum of money in the long run.


If you are looking for a quality finger sleeve, we recommend the Rigorer Finger Sleeve [FS003]. It provides excellent finger protection along with added grip on the ball and is sure to improve your performance.



    A good finger sleeve is definitely a worthwhile addition to your arsenal, the advantages it provides will be immediately noticeable and you will most likely see a significant improvement in your game! 


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