5 Sports Accessories Every Basketball Enthusiast Must Own

athlete sports accessories

You’d be hard-pressed to find a professional basketball player without some form of sports accessory on them when they’re shooting hoops in matches or even during practice. After all, it’s a serious business where every form of advantage can and will be utilised. 

Most of the time, these accessories aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they also provide different kinds of physical support to various parts of the body that can help elevate each player’s game. It’s no secret that basketball is a popular sport in Singapore, with heartland courts teeming with life after school or even office hours. If you’re part of that crowd, here are five sports accessories to consider.

Finger sleeve

finger protector support sleeve

A finger sleeve is a small elastic band that is usually worn over the joints of your fingers. As basketball demands constant movement of your fingers, which are already vulnerable as they are, it’s important to protect them against the impact of the basketball itself, especially when thrown at you quickly and abruptly. 

A finger sleeve also improves your grip on the ball, making it easier for you to receive it and make more accurate throws. 

Knee brace

athlete putting on support pad knee brace singapore

Jumping, running, and changing direction in an instant is part and parcel of basketball, and these movements can damage your knees in the long run due to impact and the repetitive twisting and turning motions. Luckily, wearing a knee brace can help stabilise your knee to prevent or at the very least, minimise injuries to the area. 

If you’re already nursing a knee injury, the knee brace’s compression properties can also alleviate some of the pain you might be experiencing. 

Ankle brace

foot support ankle brace singapore

An ankle brace works in a similar fashion as a knee brace, using its compression to stabilise the ankle and project the ankle joint, therefore minimising the risk of injuries to the area. While not as vulnerable as your fingers, your ankles are just as frequently exerted in basketball games, and ankle-related injuries are actually quite common — landing awkwardly after a jump, for instance, could potentially leave you with a twisted ankle.

If you’re someone who is more susceptible to these injuries, wearing an ankle brace could also reduce the risk of these recurring injuries.  

Basketball jersey

basketball player jersey singapore

Some sports accessories do more than just provide physical support; they can also be effective tools for one’s mental and emotional well being - the basketball jersey is one such example.

At its core, a jersey’s function is to promote greater flexibility and comfort in the wearer through its lightweight and sweat-wicking fabric while also fostering camaraderie amongst teammates wearing the same jerseys. Peculiar as it may initially sound, there is a reason why groups ranging from classes in schools to professional teams encourage wearing jerseys; they give a sense of identity and belonging of being part of a collective, an important but often overlooked aspect of teamwork and team spirit.


workout towels basketball jersey singapore

Towels are more essential to your game than you might think. Think back to the time you were in the middle of an intense match, totally focused, only to be interrupted by sweat dripping into your eye, breaking your concentration in the process. 

Like a basketball jersey, a towel gives you a psychological edge in games by optimising the level of comfort you’re playing in. Simply reach for it during breaks to dry yourself down and maintain a lower body temperature so you can bring your A-game to every match. Placebo or not, it’s hard to argue against the notion that you tend to play better when you feel better — this applies to many facets of everyday life and basketball is no exception.

There you have it - the five must-have accessories any basketball enthusiast must own. Shop at Rigorer’s online store for more sleek and affordable sports accessories and get kitted up today!