4 Common Misconceptions About Compression Arm Sleeves Or Shirts Debunked

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What first comes to mind when you think about sportswear like compression arm sleeves or compression shirts? Do they seem a tad uncomfortable? A little too stuffy? Not something for the regular Joe? 

In this article, we discuss and debunk four common misconceptions about compression sportswear and why they can benefit you regardless of the regularity and intensity of your exercises.

1.  It is only for professional players

For many of us, the only time we catch glimpses of compression arm sleeves or shirts on a person’s body is on television whilst watching a professional sports match, or when we somehow manage to drag ourselves to the starting line of a local 5km marathon and see throngs of participants decked in similar gear. 

In short, we often feel it’s not for us. However, consider this — if professional athletes rely on compression sportswear to reduce their chances of injuries, how much more does the average person, whose body is probably not as optimal, need the extra protection? Chances are, we are more susceptible to muscular injuries, soreness, and fatigue, ailments that compression wear could prevent, or at the very least, minimise. 

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2. It is unsuitable for hot weather

Let’s be real, given Singapore’s hot and humid climate, the idea of putting on more layers on your skin doesn’t exactly sound like a great idea, much less with compression tights. 

Contrary to popular belief, compression shirts and arm sleeves are made with lightweight and breathable materials, promoting ventilation in and around the body without the sensation of being suffocated. 

Additionally, the materials used can protect you from harmful UV rays, more so if you’re wearing dark compression tights.

3. It does not reduce the risk of injuries

There are hardly any guarantees in life, just as there isn’t anything that can completely prevent sports injuries. However, there are means to minimise the risk of getting an injury, and compression arm sleeves and shirts are highly effective in that regard. 

They function similarly to sports tape by giving you better body control and muscle stabilisation. Logically speaking, by keeping your muscles compact, they are less likely to make awkward movements that they shouldn’t be making. If you’re someone whose daily activities involve high-impact activities or repetitive movements, compression tights are something you might want to consider in order to add that extra layer of protection to your body.

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4.  It should only be worn when working out

If you’re someone who exercises regularly, you might be familiar with the fact that exercise doesn’t start on the activity itself; warming up and cooling down are just as important

Warming up prepares your body for more intensity by facilitating better blood circulation to your muscles and therefore minimising muscle soreness while cooling down helps normalise your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Similarly, wearing compression shirts and arm sleeves before and after workouts augments these processes by increasing blood flow to expedite the warming up, and during cooling down, to help your body get rid of waste more quickly. 

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